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NBA, PR Style

During my presentation last week I talked a little about Andrew Bynum and what he can do to better conduct himself in the midst of the questions regarding his character lately.  For this blog post I wanted to talk about a similar situation, this time with Blake Griffin. Now I know that this situation is … Continue reading

WinShape Camps Coming to Lakeland!

Do you have kids?  Do you know anyone with kids?  If so, you should sign them up for WinShape Camps in July!  The kids’ age range must be from the 1st-6th grades.  At WinShape Camps for Communities, camp is run slightly different than most camps.  Whereas you send your kids to camp for a little … Continue reading

TOW: Spinning round and round and round…

For this week’s topic, I am going to discuss and talk (ramble?) about all the hoopla that surrounded Ford’s “Bailout” tv advertisement that came into every home in the United States.  First of all, watch the video below so that we’re all on the same page: Shortly after that ad was released, it was ‘supposedly’ … Continue reading

TOW: PR Interview

For my required interview for Public Relations class, I interviewed a good friend of mine, Taylor Flumerfelt.  She is the president of Southeastern University’s student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.  Taylor was gracious enough to grant me a few minutes of her time so I could interview her, and here it is: Me:  … Continue reading

TOW: Peyton Manning Should Be Arizona Bound

March Madness isn’t the top story in the month of March.  It’s not MLB Spring Training, either.  It isn’t the Miami Heat, Randy Moss, or Jeremy Lin. 2 words: Peyton. Manning. It is no secret to anybody that Manning is one of the best quarterbacks that ever played in the NFL.  The longtime Indianapolis Colt … Continue reading

Topic of the Week: Infographics

What are infographics?  For this week’s post, infographics stand for Information Graphics and are great visuals for presenting complex information and statistics clearly and in a way that grabs your attention. Does this grab your attention? You will probably need to click on the picture to get a closer look, but the infographic clearly shows … Continue reading

TOW: Blog Mining

An oft-updated blog can really make the line of communication from the higher-ups in the organization much clearer.  For my example on how to not use your blog when running into PR problems, I will use the recent example of the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA team that is consistently at the top of their … Continue reading

Topic of the Week: Firm or Department?

An interesting question was asked tonight in Public Relations class.  I have thought of a few pros and cons of each choice, and in the end, it comes down to one’s personal situation and preference. If you had the choice, would you prefer to work in a PR firm or have a PR/Corporate Communication function … Continue reading

Super Bowl PR: What ESPN didn’t cover…

It’s 2012.  I’m sure we all have heard of the Occupy Wall Street, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, among many. I have one quick question.  Did you hear about Occupy Super Bowl?  No?  It’s kind of funny how NBC and ESPN failed to cover Occupy Super Bowl in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl week.  You would think … Continue reading

Communicating Bad News

You have a employee that you need to let go.  A certain worker is harassing others.  There’s that one slacker that’s always late to work.  Or maybe there’s that one employee that isn’t a bad person, but they simply can’t cut it.  There will be times when you need to communicate the words that no … Continue reading

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