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NBA, PR Style

During my presentation last week I talked a little about Andrew Bynum and what he can do to better conduct himself in the midst of the questions regarding his character lately.  For this blog post I wanted to talk about a similar situation, this time with Blake Griffin.

Now I know that this situation is nowhere near as big as Bynum’s, but I had to write this post on something and frankly, I’m running out of ideas.  Yours truly here is starting to wear down just a bit.

Anyways, Blake Griffin is widely known as one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have seen this dunk which has been regarded as the Dunk of the Year thus far:

Fellow NBA players on other teams have not taken kindly to Griffin’s constant highlight reel.  To make sure they aren’t the next victim’s to be posterized by Blake Griffin’s next dunk, they have started to be more physical on Griffin.  There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but when things get like this, it’ll start to get out of hand:

You don’t have to be an avid sports follower to know that there is no place for hits like that in the NBA.  What Jason Smith did to Blake Griffin was not only excessive, but it was also dangerous.  Hits like that can seriously injure someone.  This isn’t football.

Ever since that hit, experts and columnists everywhere have been, surprisingly, calling out Blake Griffin’s teammates, saying that they need to start protecting Griffin.  Unlike Andrew Bynum’s case, Blake Griffin has not tried to retaliate in any way, shape, or form.  Call it humility or whatever you like, but it leaves us wondering why he would just take all this punishment and not say or do anything about it.

Finally we got our answer.  Griffin’s teammates are going to start protecting him, after all this time.  As you may have heard in my presentation last week, Bynum has been in hot water, with him getting ejected and rebelling against coaches.  Blake Griffin, on the other hand, had every reason in the world to start playing dirty, retaliate by giving some hard fouls, or even trash talking the opposing team.

Bynum can learn a lot from Griffin. Lesson: shut up and just play the game.



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