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Listen Up: Reflection Week 14

There’s a certain thrill I get out of public speaking.  I know it seems like everyone’s #1 fear, but I kind of enjoy them, in a weird, twisted way.  It’s not because I actually like public speaking and the risk of looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people, it’s a different kind of adrenaline rush.  In my Public Relations class, I feel like I have something to prove.

As the only one in the room that isn’t a Public Relations/Journalism major, I feel like I need to prove my worth as a Sport Management major.  Maybe it’s my intense competitive nature–maybe I’m just a nerd.

Anyway, tonight’s PR class presentations were run just a little bit different.  Instead of everyone just waiting for their turn, Dr. Childs had everyone grab a piece of paper and write some review notes about the current speaker.  It kept everyone involved, especially me.  It was also particularly useful to the speakers; I got a feel for how the class liked my presentation and there was something to improve on.

I was assigned to cover Sports PR and all that it entails.  Thanks to the reviews from my classmates, I got word that I “was passionate about sports,”  “a good speaker,” and “grabbed the audience’s attention,” among other things.

Before you accuse me of bragging, just know that I am.  Just kidding.  Naturally, since there are pros, there are cons as well.  I was very pleased to see that the only complaint I got about my speech was the I talked too fast.  And I’ll admit that; I did.  I have a bad habit of breezing through my presentations as fast as I can.  It’s not because of nervousness, but I’m always trying to find creative ways not to go over my time limit.  Even when I talked fast tonight, it still didn’t work, as I had to cut out my last topic and end it before I wanted.

That is my quick reflection about tonight.  Until next time!



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