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TOW: Fair Trade Lobbying

You may have heard something here or there about a little issue called Fair Trade.  Fair Trade is a movement that aims to help farmers and producers in developing countries.  The movement also aims to make working and trading conditions better for them.

Fair Trade supporters are all for the notion to pay exporters more as well as provide the workers with better working conditions.  Exporters are producing common everyday products for the rest of the world, such as cocoa, sugar, coffee, gold, and others.

"So this is where your cup of Starbucks starts" by rogiro

It doesn’t take anyone to carefully explain to you why Fair Trade is the only honest way to conduct business.  It’s common sense.  If you go to a grocery store and read a pricetag that reads, for instance, “$20,” you owe them $20.  Not $2.  The same reasoning goes into Fair Trade.

This week we are all supposed to write about “a public policy topic of your choice and identify a lobbying group who advocates for your view.”

One problem.


Nothing.  Nada.  What’s the deal here?

"Fairtrade food advert" by net_efekt

There are so many good causes in this world, and one of them is the Fair Trade movement.  I know that Fair Trade certified products can be slightly more expensive than the normal product, but you can be at peace knowing that a third-world family will have food on the table tonight.

Here’s a video that might better illustrate what I’m trying to say.  The song is called “Prayer of the Refugee” by the band Rise Against.  They do a great job in the video exposing where everyday products come from and the truth about who made/put together the products you buy that are “one low price, guaranteed!”

Hopefully this post inspired you to look into the Fair Trade movement slightly more and that you will be more aware of what goes into the products that are being stacked on the shelves.



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