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NBA, PR Style

During my presentation last week I talked a little about Andrew Bynum and what he can do to better conduct himself in the midst of the questions regarding his character lately.  For this blog post I wanted to talk about a similar situation, this time with Blake Griffin. Now I know that this situation is … Continue reading

WinShape Camps Coming to Lakeland!

Do you have kids?  Do you know anyone with kids?  If so, you should sign them up for WinShape Camps in July!  The kids’ age range must be from the 1st-6th grades.  At WinShape Camps for Communities, camp is run slightly different than most camps.  Whereas you send your kids to camp for a little … Continue reading

Listen Up: Reflection Week 14

There’s a certain thrill I get out of public speaking.  I know it seems like everyone’s #1 fear, but I kind of enjoy them, in a weird, twisted way.  It’s not because I actually like public speaking and the risk of looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people, it’s a different … Continue reading

TOW: Fair Trade Lobbying

You may have heard something here or there about a little issue called Fair Trade.  Fair Trade is a movement that aims to help farmers and producers in developing countries.  The movement also aims to make working and trading conditions better for them. Fair Trade supporters are all for the notion to pay exporters more … Continue reading

TOW: Spinning round and round and round…

For this week’s topic, I am going to discuss and talk (ramble?) about all the hoopla that surrounded Ford’s “Bailout” tv advertisement that came into every home in the United States.  First of all, watch the video below so that we’re all on the same page: Shortly after that ad was released, it was ‘supposedly’ … Continue reading

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