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Public Relations, Topic of the Week COMM 2322

TOW: PR Interview

For my required interview for Public Relations class, I interviewed a good friend of mine, Taylor Flumerfelt.  She is the president of Southeastern University’s student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.  Taylor was gracious enough to grant me a few minutes of her time so I could interview her, and here it is:

Me:  How did you know you wanted to pursue PR?  When did you decide that that is what you’re going to pursue in college?

Taylor: I entered Southeastern and I chose the major because of the journalism side of it, and I didn’t know anything about PR.  But once I started to learn what really the field was about, I discovered that I could write but I also could do event planning so it kind of combined 2 things that I love.  So that’s why it’s so perfect for me.

Me: Are you doing anything PR related now?  I heard you’re interning for someone, can you tell me a little about that?

Taylor:  Yes, I’m interning with Lorrie Walker of Lorrie Walker Communications.  I’m mainly writing; I’ve never really done the same thing everyday I’ve been there.  I”m either writing press releases, hosting events online, or calling to conduct interviews with clients, or just anything you can think of.  I’ve written some press releases for FPCA, I’ve helped plan some events some events in Polk County, so that’s just some of the experience I’m getting right now.

Me: What do you hope do with your PR/Journalism degree when you graduate here?

Taylor:  Hopefully I’ll go into the planning.  I was just telling someone the other day that I really wanna start a company that, as far as events go, does the detailed stuff of it but also does the advertisement; does the PR, does the press release, tells people about the event. So combine two of my passions together.

Me:  So if you were talking to someone that was going into PR like you, what would you tell them the pros and cons are of working in the PR field?

Taylor: The pros are for me, as a female, that the field is really female dominated. So you’re surrounded by people that are passionate about the same things and you can relate to as far as family and what’s going on in your life.  Cons, I would say that it is a very demanding job.  Sometimes you have to work late and be at the office early.  You never know what’s going to happen as far as crisis management.  You have to prepare for all situations and that can be stressful.

Me: Is there anyone here on campus that has particularly helped you as you move toward your PR degree?

Taylor: Definitely our main PR professor, Barbara Nixon, has put me in contact with a lot of PR professionals and introduced me to the Florida Public Relations Association which I’ve met so many people through that.  And that’s how I got my internship.  She’s really been a role model for me and she just knows so much about the field that I hope to one day know as much as she does.



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