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How I Won Cash Money in Class (Reflection Week 8)

Tonight was one of the most entertaining night’s of Public Relations class thus far.  Professor Childs brought in Ms. Linda Somersall tonight, who is a Wedding Events planner for Linda Marie Weddings.  It was a real life PR experience, because she came to use asking for ideas she could use to better promote her company.  The class broke off into pairs and were faced with the task to create a 4-5 minute presentation in 30 minutes.

Linda Marie Weddings


The whole class had great ideas; I particularly liked the ideas of a Tweeting Live, where you set aside an hour of your time to field questions about weddings through Twitter.  Others, including Maisie and I, mentioned Pinterest, an awesome way to get ideas for weddings and wedding planning.  People suggested that Ms. Somersall upload her own “pins” to Pinterest so people could see her work and it would link users back to her website.

The objective was to find ways to attract more attention to her website and blog.  Mine and Maisie’s main ideas was to utilize advertising as much as possible, by buying advertising space in local newspapers and bridal magazines.  However, we saved our best idea for last.  We suggested that Ms. Somersall print some business cards that would include a QR code.  And if you scan the QR code, the code would take you to her website and perhaps include a 10% discount off any purchase.

QR codes are the way to go.  Personally, I love QR codes because you never know what’s it’ll lead to; it’s always a mystery.  To prove my point, just last week I scanned a QR code that was on the back of a Taco Bell Receipt and then scanned another QR code on a Pepsi cup at the bowling alley.  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s fun.

Near the end of the class, Ms. Somersall went over the ideas we all presented in class and came to the conclusion that she liked mine and Maisie’s idea the best.  The winning team was awarded $10–not bad for a 3 hour night class!



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