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Reflection 2/23/12

Professor Ric Rohm spoke in class tonight.  He spoke about PSYOP, which stands for Psychological Operations.  PSYOP is another version of propaganda the US used on Iraq when we invaded them back in 2003.

"Remembrance Day" by ViaMoi

Professor Rohm and Childs both mentioned that PSYOP was a huge PR campaign.  Their main objective was to sneak in our propaganda into the Iraqi nation and people; basically, to persuade an entire nation to agree with us.  Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

It is taking a lot of patience for me not to go into the politics.  I do not want to appear biased, for fear that my written work may not come off as valid and honest to some people.  But a short disclaimer: I am not a registered republican or democrat.  I support our troops; I have one good friend of mine and my cousin in Afghanistan right now.  But I could not possibly loathe the suits that send them there any more than I do now.

I wrestle with things like this; I know that Professor Rohm is a great guy, but I fail to see the purpose of why we invaded Iraq at all; particularly why did our troops stay over there for so long, even after President Obama promised to pull them out?  Does anyone know why we’re in Afghanistan now?  If you have a real answer I’m listening.

This upcoming election is November will be the first election I get to take part in.  I know that voting is a privilege and every American needs to vote, but I don’t think I have it in me to pencil my vote for Obama’s re-election or whoever the Republican nominee is (probably Mitt Romney).  I’m starting to see why so many people don’t vote anymore–it’s depressing!  There isn’t one politician I trust out there, and I think the rest of the country is starting to see that.



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