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Topic of the Week COMM 2322

Topic of the Week: Firm or Department?

An interesting question was asked tonight in Public Relations class.  I have thought of a few pros and cons of each choice, and in the end, it comes down to one’s personal situation and preference.

If you had the choice, would you prefer to work in a PR firm or have a PR/Corporate Communication function within an organization?

"Making life a little easier, one push at a time" by Sofia Katriina

My personal preference was having a PR Department instead of an outside PR firm handle it from the outside.  There are pros to both, here they are:

Pros of a PR Department:

–Your own PR department will understand the organization better and will know the business’ needs thoroughly.

–They’re accessible.  You have their full attention at all times, and that will pay off.

–An outside PR firm may take extra time and money to research the organization and come up with advice.  On the other hand, your own PR department understands the situation already and their advice will be ready much, much quicker.

–It’s cheaper!

Pros of a PR Firm

–A PR firm offers fresh insight and perspective that an interior PR department might not be able to offer.

–A firm could possibly offer specialists that would be very useful for your problem.

–A PR firm would have more media contacts and could get your brand out there a little better than a PR department might.

–A respected PR firm might have more credibility than a PR department in your own business will.


These are the Pros, the rest is up to you.  I hope this helps!




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