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The Most Useful App You’ll Ever Use (Reflection Week 6)

…..and it’s free.  It’s kind of a funny story how I found out about this last night.  In our Public Relations class, we were all split off into groups to separately find out how different PR firms work and who their clients are.  My friend Maisie and I went off to research who Launchsquad is and who their clients are.  I clicked on their Clients page and saw a rows and columns full of different companies that Launchsquad handles PR for.

After a few minutes I noticed that all the companies Launchsquad represents are companies that produce media; specifically social media apps.  Since we were working with a deadline, I started clicking on random links to try to come up with something, and there was one company that caught my eye–Dolphin.  Dolphin is a web browser app for your smartphone, and what particularly caught my attention was the “Gesture” feature it came with.  Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.

Don’t be fooled.  It’s available on Android as well as iPhone.  I was so intrigued by this app so much that I downloaded it instantly, right there in class!  When class ended I was figuring it out and playing with it for the next 15 minutes.  Am I a nerd for that?  Probably, but you honestly have no idea how awful your phone’s normal default browser is until you get the Dolphin HD app.  I’ve been using the Opera Mini browser since I got my Android phone for Christmas; not to say that the Opera isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dolphin.

Dolphin’s interface resembles Google Chrome’s interface, but has Mozilla Firefox’s add-ons option.  As I’m typing this, I’m downloading the Battery Saver and Dolphin Translate add-on.  Not only is this a purely customizable app, but it’s faster, better, and most importantly, free.  There isn’t a single reason you shouldn’t download it right now.



3 thoughts on “The Most Useful App You’ll Ever Use (Reflection Week 6)

  1. The Dolphin app was a pretty cool feature that you and Maisie discussed that day. I’m getting an Iphone soon and I cannot wait to investigate the app store and download the ones that I like, and this one already makes my list! You should’ve pulled out your Iphone in class when you guys were presenting and showed us the gesture feature!
    On a different note, be careful to check your AP Style when you write though, I noticed some mistakes as I read through this post. However, I like how you posted that video within your blog. I haven’t posted any videos on mine yet, but incorporating media into your writing is a great way to increase the level of human interest about your subject. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by cynflynn91 | February 28, 2012, 6:36 pm


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