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Super Bowl PR: What ESPN didn’t cover…

It’s 2012.  I’m sure we all have heard of the Occupy Wall Street, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, among many. I have one quick question.  Did you hear about Occupy Super Bowl?  No?  It’s kind of funny how NBC and ESPN failed to cover Occupy Super Bowl in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl week.  You would think that since all the Super Bowl festivities have a time specifically called “Media Day,” the Occupy Super Bowl protestors would at least get the time of day to say their piece.

"Occupy Montreal" by jjantak

I’m not part of the “Occupy” movement.  I don’t see eye to eye with those people, I don’t get them, and I don’t know why they’re spending their time camping out on the street instead of using the resources around them to find a decent job that will pay the bills and put food on the table.  But I do think that when a bunch of people get together for something as big as the Super Bowl, some news outlet should give them some time or coverage.  It’s only right; it’s a win-win.  The “Occupy” protestors get the news coverage they crave, and the journalists get an easy story to write.  Am I missing something?  Maybe I have it all wrong.

Again, I don’t support the “Occupy” movement.  But anything that is making some noise should definitely get some coverage, whether it be from any of the ESPN networks, NBC (who televised the Super Bowl), or a news station, such as FOX News or CNN.  My question is, why did every single one of those networks largely ignore the Occupy Super Bowl protestors?



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