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PR Reflection

Reflection Week 5

Tonight’s PR class had a couple great additions tonight.  Amy Wiggins from the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce graced us with her experience and extensive knowledge of all things related to PR.  Brandt Merritt also gave the class a brief talk about his experience working with the Lakeland Ledger.  Amy Wiggins gave the impression to me that she is an absolute professional; it was entertaining to listen to her talk about her job–it was very clear that she loves her job.  She also enlightened us on how we can get connected with the local community in Lakeland.  I had no idea that Lakeland was full of people with great ideas, innovative businesses, and hard-working people that keep it all going.

The Topic of the Week this week was on the Occupy Super Bowl movement in Indianapolis during Super Bowl week last week.  I previously mentioned in my TOW post that I thought it was kind of funny how there was zero media coverage on the Occupy Super Bowl people, especially seeing as how there is a specific day during Super Bowl week called “Media Day.”  One of my friends made the comment on how she knows some family that lives in Indianapolis who walked around Super Bowl village that week.  Since there were thousands of people taking in the sights and sounds, the Occupy Super Bowl protestors were extremely overpowered and had no hope for ever making a scene and getting people to pay them some attention.  Does the Occupy Super Bowl group still deserve some media attention, even when they’re completely lost in the crowd?  Probably not.




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