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Crisis Management: Reflection 2/2/12

The one word I would use to describe tonight’s class would be “draining.”  I know Prof. Childs is doing the best he can, but I’ll be completely honest–I don’t think there’s a single student in the room that could correctly say what exactly we’re supposed to do every week.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Who knows.  Anyways….

"help point" taken by CyberTechEurope

Tonight was all about Crisis Management.  How are we supposed to handle it?  It depends on the situation and what your role is in it.  The different stances to take were all covered, one could completely deny all wrongdoing or one could issue an apology and take the appropriate measures to fix the problem.  All angles to help cope with your problem were addressed; to be honest, I learned a few new things…

1) Never say “no comment.”  Not only is it a weasel-y thing to say, it implies you have something to hide.  Not only that, it’s just really unprofessional.

2) Pure Advocacy/Pure Accommodation.  To completely deny, or to fess up and make amends?  There is a middle ground, of course, which involves some kind of compromise, but these are the main stances to take on a crisis.

3) Don’t back down.  If you’re dealing with a crisis, designate a spokesperson to deal with the media.  When there isn’t anyone dealing with the media, gossip and rumors from others will spread and that’s all the media will have to report on, and that’s what will be in the newspaper the next day…so send a spokesperson to the front lines and be the first one there!

These things may seem basic, but they’re crucial to crisis management.  Just a few things I learned today.




2 thoughts on “Crisis Management: Reflection 2/2/12

  1. I completely agree with your first paragraph! And to make matters worse, most of us are new to blogging. I have been working on my blog for the past seven hours (at least), and I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing. It is so frustrating, but I imagine we will all have WordPress mastered by the end of the semester. Let’s just hope for a little leniency with this first assignment!

    Posted by Maisie L. Katterhenry | February 6, 2012, 2:41 am


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