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Reflection #3

Set # 3

1. How can effective issues management prevent organizational crises?


By taking responsibility for any mistakes or accidents, the company can still keep their good reputation during the aftermath. But to prevent more crises, communication is key. By being very clear with your employees and keeping an open line of communication, employees can communicate what potential risks there are to any given situation.


2. Review the recent news and analyze a situation that has either become a crisis or a conflict, or has the potential to develop into crisis or conflict. How would you use the contingency theory of conflict management (the continuum from accommodation to advocacy and the matrix of factors) in advising management on this situation rising conflict situations?


Today there was some news that Twitter was considering putting forward a censorship plan. People are saying that Twitter is committing “social suicide,” and I may agree. If I was in charge, I would go for something close to Pure Accommodation. Censoring the web goes directly against the First Amendment, which is we all have the right to freedom of speech. I would make an apology to all the twerps and keep Twitter the way it is.



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