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Blog Comments Checkpoint #1, #2, and yes, #3.

1) Genius. Some may think it’s a bit much, but for me, this is awesome. I may get this app when I’m done writing this, actually. It could be a useful tool, when you die your facebook page could be seen as a kind of memorial–a remembrance page, maybe. While some people who miss their loved ones will visit the cemetery, it could be even better to visit their old facebook page; so much of their personal information, pictures, last written word, etc would be on there.

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2) Interesting article. Honestly, it’s a little scary to think that a small tweet that took 30 seconds to type will get you arrested.

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3) You have fresh insight on this subject, mainly because you have friends in Indianapolis who saw it in person. I don’t think the Occupy movement was meant to cause stress or hurt anyone; rather I think they are trying to raise awareness on how hopeless their situation is. Don’t quote me on that though!

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4) Zoomerang is a great tool; I was really glad we were shown the site.  Creating the survey was probably the funnest part of the class that night!

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5) Good point. I particularly like the part you wrote that said people might make presuppositions about you based on the music you listen to and the tv shows you watch. People shouldn’t read into what their friends like *too* much.

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6) Disasters do happen, that is definitely true. But I feel pretty bad for whoever is in charge of Romney’s PR campaign, because incidents like that are tough to shake off. They must have done a great job though, because no one has really made a big deal of it since.

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7) I do think that using social media can be a double-edged sword, mainly because communicaiton goes both ways. You can relate to the public and get your agenda out there, as Gingrich did, but it can also come back to bite you in that people can call you out and voice their opposition. Good article!

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8) Willis is done. If the guy knew what was good for him, he’d accept a bullpen role since there’s no way he would get 10 wins as a starter. He would definitely be useful as a lefty-specialist, in my opinion.

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9) Firing Bobby V would be a horrible mistake, although it’s seeming more likely by the day. There’s something weird going on in Boston ever since last September. This is a great article; the Red Sox may have to clean house by the time it’s all said and done.

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10) Not a Miami bandwagoner or anything, but one last year for Steve Nash with the Heat would be the best option…and no one would blame him. On another note, having the top 16 NBA records playoffs would be a better option than taking the top 8 from each conference…the West is head and shoulders stronger.

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