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TOW: Blog Mining

An oft-updated blog can really make the line of communication from the higher-ups in the organization much clearer.  For my example on how to not use your blog when running into PR problems, I will use the recent example of the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA team that is consistently at the top of their … Continue reading

Reflection 2/23/12

Professor Ric Rohm spoke in class tonight.  He spoke about PSYOP, which stands for Psychological Operations.  PSYOP is another version of propaganda the US used on Iraq when we invaded them back in 2003. Professor Rohm and Childs both mentioned that PSYOP was a huge PR campaign.  Their main objective was to sneak in our … Continue reading

Topic of the Week: Firm or Department?

An interesting question was asked tonight in Public Relations class.  I have thought of a few pros and cons of each choice, and in the end, it comes down to one’s personal situation and preference. If you had the choice, would you prefer to work in a PR firm or have a PR/Corporate Communication function … Continue reading

The Most Useful App You’ll Ever Use (Reflection Week 6)

…..and it’s free.  It’s kind of a funny story how I found out about this last night.  In our Public Relations class, we were all split off into groups to separately find out how different PR firms work and who their clients are.  My friend Maisie and I went off to research who Launchsquad is … Continue reading

Reflection Week 5

Tonight’s PR class had a couple great additions tonight.  Amy Wiggins from the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce graced us with her experience and extensive knowledge of all things related to PR.  Brandt Merritt also gave the class a brief talk about his experience working with the Lakeland Ledger.  Amy Wiggins gave the impression to … Continue reading

Super Bowl PR: What ESPN didn’t cover…

It’s 2012.  I’m sure we all have heard of the Occupy Wall Street, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, among many. I have one quick question.  Did you hear about Occupy Super Bowl?  No?  It’s kind of funny how NBC and ESPN failed to cover Occupy Super Bowl in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl week.  You would think … Continue reading

Crisis Management: Reflection 2/2/12

The one word I would use to describe tonight’s class would be “draining.”  I know Prof. Childs is doing the best he can, but I’ll be completely honest–I don’t think there’s a single student in the room that could correctly say what exactly we’re supposed to do every week.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Who … Continue reading

Reflection #3

Set # 3 1. How can effective issues management prevent organizational crises?   By taking responsibility for any mistakes or accidents, the company can still keep their good reputation during the aftermath. But to prevent more crises, communication is key. By being very clear with your employees and keeping an open line of communication, employees … Continue reading

Blake Griffin: The Human Highlight Reel

There’s always something special about a certain athlete that will keep you glued to the TV.  Is it because there’s something about their game that makes them so compelling to watch, or is it just the media giving them too much coverage?  Either way, there’s something about watching a guy like Blake Griffin.  They leave … Continue reading

Communicating Bad News

You have a employee that you need to let go.  A certain worker is harassing others.  There’s that one slacker that’s always late to work.  Or maybe there’s that one employee that isn’t a bad person, but they simply can’t cut it.  There will be times when you need to communicate the words that no … Continue reading

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